Jesuit College

The Jesuit College in Innsbruck was founded in 1562. Since then this institution has been closely linked to the field of education. The original Jesuit school was the foundation for the University of Innsbruck, which was established in 1669. The Jesuit College was and is the home to the Canisianum. And it is was the home to great Jesuit theologians like Karl and Hugo Rahner, Josef Andreas Jungmann or Emerich Coreth.

Today the Jesuit community is made up of about 30 Jesuits. Some of them teach at the Faculty of Theology, others pursue advanced studies, are involved in pastoral work or are already retired. The house offers a great infrastructure for a Jesuit life. As friends in the Lord we are happy to follow Jesus Christ and serve his mission with the support of a community and many collaborators.

Our house especially welcomes Jesuit students. For those who want to learn German we offer accommodation during the summer season. All those Jesuits who consider to do advanced studies in philosophy or theology or some other academic field at the University of Innsbruck are kindly asked to contact the Rector of the College.